Martha and Ric Deichler's home 1550 Mother Grundy Truck Trail October 23, 2007 after the California "Harris Fire"

Life in progress Rick Swallow

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Those who attended the 2006 end-of-the-year party at Martha and Ric's home in Jamul may want to click here for a nostalgic view of their home as it was pre-Harris fire (week of Oct 21, 2007.)
Here at Rancho San Diego the National Guard still has a presence as of Oct. 27.

The scorched landscape of Honey Springs road is more reminiscent of moonscape than Chaparral.

Scenes on both sides of Mother Grundy Truck Trail. Power lines are on the ground further up the road.

Note the fire still burning in the distance.

SE corner of the house. Note the oak of the oaken planter is completely evaporated.

Chances are these two palm trees will not recover.

The slab in front of the garage is relatively undamaged. The same cannot be said of the VW and truck. But, hey, a little paint and wire and that dune buggy could be as good as many I've seen in our desert.

Like the Phoenix, new plants already arise from the ashes. The squared edges of earth visible used to be enclosed by heavy timbers, now evaporated. The pine tree visible used to be in the middle of the deck outside the master bedroom.

Standing outside the bedroom overlooking the folded chimney pipe of the living room wood stove the neighbor's burned out lot can be seen in the distance.

The nearby garage gun safe survived but its contents are sure to have sustained some damage from the intense heat.

The large rock in the center is the target for the water balloons, remember? (See party site link at top.)

Railings locate the position of the inside garage steps (left) and front door steps (right). Water heater remains standing.

A fire in the distance...

It's kinda hard to wrap one's mind around such a small pile of rubble and a couple of burnt-out vehicles representing (virtually) the sum total of the possessions accumulated during a lifetime in a beautiful home.

Ric seems to be looking for his hammer.

Patty puts on her photo face one last time. :-)

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