Acronym Finder               Huge database of acronyms/meanings.  Type in a word and see if it is one!
Afghanistan                  as in, news from and about. Also here and here.
African American             Web connection
Airliners                    For those who love airplanes....
Air Quality                  Look up the air quality for today countrywide
AKC                          The American Kennel Club.    All things dog
Alumni                       Popular Info on School mates and much more
Alzheimer Care Problem?      Elder Rage--How to survive caring for aging parents
Aid                          Federal Student Aid.  Apply for a PIN number here
American-Arab                Anti-discrimination Committee. See also here.
Antarctic Treaty
ASL Browser                  Mini Quicktime movies: Tons of words in American Sign Language; see also Finger Spell and Handspeak
America's Library            America's story from the Library of Congress
America's Most Wanted        Photos, info; From tv show
American Sign Languages Resources
Amortization Table
Amortization Table           Figure Interest, Principal, see entire Loan period payments.
Anagram Maker                Check out this neat anagram maker from Wordsmith. 
Anatomy                      Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body
Animal News Center           Reporting the news from the world of animals; political, scientific developments....
Animals, Pets, Vet
Anonymity Online
ANSWER                       Anti-war, communist backed organization
Anti-Defamation League       Promotes respect for cultural diversity.  Combats racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred....
API                          Academic Performance Index
Aquariums, Museums, Zoos
Arabic--learn it online
Arachnids                    The study of spiders and their relatives
Archaeology                  The stone age world of hunter-gatherers
Archive, Internet            Use the "WayBackMachine" search box at this site to find some way outdated sites
Area 51                      Groom Lake, Nevada
Area Code Listings by Number or try  here. Look up by number or alphabetics
Coolidge AZ                     Budget check here
Arnold Exposed               Lowdown on Arnold Schwarzenegger and upcoming bid for the presidency; Also see Prison Planet
Artificial Intelligence
Art, Really Bad Art!         The Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art.
Art Zone                     Great fun with these art activities
Ask Jeeves
Aspartame                    Look up its toxic effects here
ASPCA                        American Society of the Preventation of Cruelty to Animals
Astronauts                   Click the "Meet the Astronauts" button.
Astronomy, Space
Atkins Diet
Auction Sites                Interesting comparisons of the many ....
Audacity                     Full featured audio editor (PC or Mac OS 10.3 or later) Free! Have a lot of fun with this!
Audiobooks                   LibriVox's goal is to make all books in the public domain available as free audiobooks
Auto Detailing-San Diego
Audio Video                  Buying an Audio/Video item?  Take a look here
Auto Brochures               Originals! a collection
Avacado tree from Seed
Aviation-Pilot Pointer       All kinds of Aviation/pilot info
Aviation video               WWII Bombers over Arizona Landscape...very nice
AYP                          Adequate Yearly Progress
Azteca Home Page             Many good links dealing with Chicano/ Mexico/ etc. topics

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