Backup                     SuperDuper from Shirt Pocket.  Costs $28.  Both PC and Intel
Bad Physics                Bad physics in Newspapers, magazines, and literature. Links to Bad Science, Bad Movie Physics, Bad Astronomy.
Bandwidth Check
Bandwidth test
Bargains, Coupons, Freebies
Bears--Grizzly             A great site on the Grizzly bears of Yosemite.
Beauty Analysis            What makes a beautiful face?
Bed and Breakfasts         Internet Guide To Bed and Breakfasts throughout the US and Canada
Bedbug Registry            exists to give travelers and renters a reliable and neutral platform for reporting their encounters with bedbugs.
Beetle Science
Bible                      Old and New testaments online to read.
Birthdate Song             Will tell you what song was in #1 place on the day of your birth
Black Canyon               and other Colorado River trips
Black History              Tribute
Black Vault                An interesting, free subscription news site with "fringe" articles for the most part.
Blogs:                     Look under "W" for Weblogs links
Botany                     Internet Directory for Botany. Look up any plant or area of botanical interest.
Brain                      PBS's great site with illusions, info, and more.  Great site.
Breast Biopsy              Mammotome for benign breast lumps
Brights Network            For those with a naturalistic World View
Broadband Reports
Brown Act                  CA Law requiring public access to meeting and requires officials let public speak
Bubbles                    Everything about bubbles--San Francisco Exploratorium site
BugSweeps                  Bugging devices.
Bush-The truth about George
Butterflies                Click on your state and then select your county.  Pictures.
Buzzle                     Interesting content on a variety of subjects!  Something for everyone.

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