Are You a Criminal  Quick Heritage Foundation quiz
Calculator          Online calculators of all kinds; How about a Strawberry Root Weevil Calculator
Calculator for Macs Here's a very versitile calculator with 15 places for large calculations.
Calendars and Time  Print Calendars, check out time stuff       Free Online web calendar hosting. Display and edit your own online calendars and events
Calendars--History of

California State links CA Dept of Ed CA Post Fire Floods Hazard Mapping California
Camcorder info Gonna buy one? Looking for price, ratings, all about.... a must visit site! Camera Micro wireless video transmits color video 300 feet to any TV
Camping/Campgrounds/RV Campground ReservingReserve America lists campgrounds across the country CA State Parks Passport America 50% Discount Camping Club
Carbon Cycle Technical Caves Explore some of the awsome caves of the world. Links to other spelunking sites. Census-2000 Data 2010 Census Mapping the Census. Just drag across the map to see statistics Cheaters Cheating with your mate on the internet? Suspect your mate of doing so? Chemical History Investigate Chemical Discoveries and the people who made them. Has Webquests! Chernobyl Chicano--What is? Chocolate History of Chocolate CIA World Factbook Look up a country's facts known by the CIA City Data Want some info on a U.S Town or city? Very nice site. Clark Howard ConsumerConsumer info on travel, Technology, you name it. Classes Online Browse for degree or program at a large number of Universities giving online degrees Climate Clocks/World Clock Like, minute by minute changing statistics and more. Ever wonder how much is in a katsup packet? Keg? Wierd explorations here. Colbert Nation Yep. Stephen's website. Colorado River A very nice float trip description. --Lower section from Yuma, AZ north. Color Test Can you do it? Read carefully! Color-What causes Complaints Planetfeedback. Complain about a company here! Computer Stuff Computer Viruses Constitution US Constitution Townhall Online Constitution studies Construction State Agencies links for all states Art of... Construction Simpson Strong tie Consumerist Find the consnsumer phone number you need and much more Consumer Advocate Tim Duffy. Got a complaint? Consumers Report a ripoff. Contests for Canadians Conversion Tables and look here, too. Cooking

Copyright Materials links

Copyright A very nice beginner site into the investigation of copyright and fair use of materials Copyright Copyright Clearance Center Copyright Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use center Copyright Laws Copyright Website Copyright issues. Copyright our website. Fair Use PDF Copyright Resources Respect Copyrights Site concerns itself with the pirating of copyrighted movies Teachers Guide to fair use US Copyright Office
Coral Mortality African Dust clouds and their ecospheric damage Costco Country Codes ISO 3166, Microsoft, and Macintosh Country Codes WIPO-standard two-letter codes to represent country names. Coupons, Bargains, Freebies Cox Accounts Change your password, check your Cox mailbox, manage your account Craters A list of Earth's meteorite impact craters assembled by Geological Survey of Canada Credit Annual ReportFed. Law says you rate one free each year. Credit Report Free Credit Karma Credit Opt Out Opt out of receiving pre-approved credit card offers, insurance, more
Credit Scores Equifax 1-800-525-6285 Experian (Formerly TRW) 1-888-397-3742 Trans Union 1-800-680-7289 Free Score Online Get all three for free. Social Security Administration (Fraud Line): 1-800-269-0271 Credit Score Quizzle
Trident Society Cremation services Crime Index Rates In United States, by type, 1960 to 2006 Crocodilians Crop Circles What don't you know about crop circles? See also here Cultural Resource Center Great fact sheets on cultures such as Iraqis, Kurds, Afghans, Bosnians, Somalis.... Customer Service Numbers 500 Customer service numbers <1>with a clue as to how to get through to a real human being! Trap call Unblock restricted phone calls
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