Dalton                  John Dalton, the "Father of modern physical science." Also see here, includes his atomic weights chart.
Daylight Saving Time
Dead or Alive           Want to know who is dead or alive (famous people)
Death                   Odds of Death Due to Injury, United States, 2005  
Deaths by War
Death Valley            Strange moving rock in the desert at "Racetrack Playa"
Diamonds                Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.  Keep all you find!
Dictionaries            Strange and unusual. One letter word dictionary; all vowel word dictionary, etc...
Dictionaries/Encyclopedias      954 indexed!  Just pick one and bookmark your favorite!
Dictionary              Look up words in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, more
Digital Camera Info     Great Information site for the various marketed cameras; reviews,...more
Digital Imaging TechnologyPhoto tips.  Check under Best Practices> link at left
Dinosaur                Berkeley links to dino sites. Try the Dinobase link for begining stuff!
Directories             People/Business address searches
Divers                  Diving School next to the Queen Mary.
Divorce                 Online Divorces/50 states without  court. Also search Do-It-Yourself-Divorce for more!
Documents for Travel    State Department list of countries/documents needed for travel"TARGET="blank">
Domain Names            .US .COM .NET .INFO .NAME .ORG  Check to see what's available as low as $2.99/year
Domain Names            World's largest Domain Name Marketplace
Download Helper         Firefox aid to downloading audio and video
Domain Name Registry    Register.com is one of many places to obtain a domain name.
Domain Names            I LIKE!  Go Daddy--Web hosting, Domain names, much more
Do Not Call             National Do Not Call Registry.  Stop Telemarketers from bothering you at home
Driving Survival        Survival guide for anyone behind the wheel; Driving tips
Dr Laura                Her YouTube channel with lots of videos
Drugs                   US Dept of Health Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal drug use
Drugs-Prescription      Comparison chart of costs.  Important article here. You'll be amazed and angered. 
Check the Costco Pharmacy prices here.
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