Fake Detective
Fart Videos                Amazing Fart Videos site dedicated to just that!(PC With Windows 2000 or later)
Fake Teeth
Famous People              A-Z  famous people finder
Favorites                  Someone's great collection of sites
Federal Agencies           Complete list, Alphabetical and hierarchical
Federal Reserve            Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory (check numbering)
Fibonacci                  Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
File Lister                OS10 file lister.  Free.
Film Clips Online          Film clips for free
Film Making                Step by step guide to film making by Artists Rights Foundaton
Findlinks                  The Yellow Pages Phone Book and Phone Directory.  Look up stuff in your city.
Firefox Addons             Enhance your browser
Firefox Download Helper    This Firefox Extension downloads your movies on the fly, automatically!
Fishbase                   Look up the name of your fish here (worldwide) and learn all there is to learn about it.
Fishing                   "Take Me Fishing" site. Get a license... much more
Flag Rules and Regs        How to fly, display, fold the American flag.
Foley                      Movie sound effects --- how to make them
Forums                     Plenty of Fish forums; many interesting topics
Fossil Hominids            The evidence for human evolution. Excellent anthropoloty data
Frangible Ammunition
Fraud, Cons
Freebies, Coupons, Bargains, 
Free Rice                  Play a vocabulary game to aid UN World Food Program
FTP Client                 CORE Free FTP client for PC users

Fundraising Links

eFundraising Fundraising Factory
Fusion Energy ITER (The Way) research/info site
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