Land Auction
Language Learning            Free online lessons, materials, tests, exercises, ESL, more
Language translation Pgms
Lasers                       and Green lasers
Latin Phrases                A translator of common Latin Phrases
Latin Phrases                Look them up by A-Z index.  More.....
Latin to English
Law                          Legal dictionary, search engine, lots of law stuff!
Law Reference Desk           Legal Code, US - l at your fingertips
Lawyer Find a                By state and city, select type of practice. Also try here.
Lawyers LA Area              Find a lawyer in the LA Area here at Bill Handel's Web site
Left-handed                  Anything Left-Handed UK site
Legal Kit Store              Do-it-yourself legal resources, Legal forms, referrals.  Nice legal resource
LegalZoom                    Find a lawyer by type, definitions...more
Leo Laporte                  The KFI640 Tech guy...
Library of Congress
Library--Internet Public     Almanacs, Calendars, Dictionaries, Quotations, Genealogy, Encyclopedias, etc.
License plate photo stopper
Life's Greatest Miracle      Nova's "Miracle of Birth" series is an excellent resource for A.G.E. teachers; grades 5-6 and above. Teachers should preview first.
Linestanding                 Congressional and Judicial Linestanding services.  Need a job?
Linking Policies             "Stupid Linking Policies" --Also see
Linking sites                Slip this line of code into your homepage and click onto it to see who is linking to you!
Links--Find links            Great site for finding links to businesses in your area
Liquid Metal                 Fantastic new material, extremely strong alloy
Lottery, CA

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