Palindromes           See also here.
Palindrom-Wierd al    A song by Weird Al Yankovic. Try the basic site for much more.
Pandora Radio         Wonderful site that plays music YOU select...makes a collection of it for you
Passports             A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors
Passport/travel       Gov't site for passports and travel info
Patent                Patent and trademark Law Center
Patent Office         Federal Patent and Trademark Office. Patent Office Index
Patriot Act           Passed Oct 24, 2001.  Also see Patriot Act II, Interpretation on Findlaw's page:
Much harsher/scarier (See Link to actual document draft) Payment Systems OnlineLinks to the many and various online payment systems like PayPal, BillPay, etc. PBS Universe PBS Programs A-Z PDF Creator Free from Sourceforge for Windows pdf Reader Free. PC. Supports copy to clipboard and imbedded links within pdf files Penis Size Who would'a thunk? Given by country. Peace Coalition Perverted Justice Source for media, police, and concerned parents Peta Kills Animals The truth behind the organization. Phillip Morris Changes name to "Altria" to improve image. Good Links, info Phishing is a great place to explain what it is, give you examples (such as you may have received) Photography Snapmania Free online photo service; remove tourists from photos, etc. Panoramas A fantastic collection of aerial panoramas...Pyrmaids...cities..all over the world Piano Lessons online. Check out the keyboard. Click Getting Started and then on the Flash Keyboard link Ping Planet Quest--NASA The search for another earth. Planets A multimedia tour of the solar system. Also see here (the nine planets) and explore here. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. Official Website. Plants Information on 90,000 plant specimens
PodCasts Liberated Syndication System to host and publish podcasts in 2004 Heilsound Equipment Google Behringer PodcastStudio $85
Pogo Sticks Planet Feedback Online Complaints, compliments, suggestions, etc? Go here Pogo Spot Pogostick evaluations, videos of all kinds of tricks.... more Flybar Rubber Band Motostik Internal Spring. Videos... X pogo Pogo activities Vurtego Air Pressure operated Pogo
Fact Check Pro-Bush site Memory Hole Blog Rescuing Knowledge-Freeing Information; Political blog PhotoCabine An online "Photobooth". In French, but you can figure it out. Pi See pi carried out to a million places Podcatcher Matrix Compare podcatchers. Very informative Police Protection Supreme court says you have no right to it. Population U.S. and World (Census Bureau data) and here Both US and World Population Davos convention; An enlightening paper by Herbert Meyers; adverse effects of declining population Population Clock1 Population/Statistics Powers of 10 Great video to explain size of the universe.... Powers of 10 From 10 Million light years away to 10-16 (100 Attometers)--inside the atom. See also here
Image grids, each 10 times larger (or smaller) take you from subatomic to galaxy. Prescription-Drugs Comparison chart of costs. Important article here. You'll be amazed and angered.
Check the Costco Pharmacy prices here. Presidents Just click on a thumbnail picture of your favorite president for information, and
for loads of information, look here. Presidents Grolier's great collection on presidential information. Presidents Explore the lives and careers of America's 43 presidents through PBS research materials. Price Grabber Great price for comparison shopping Printer Drivers Sourceforge opensource print drivers. See also CUPS Programming How to design programs. An online book. Projector Central Over 50 manufacturers, 500 different projectors Prometa New miracle treatment for drug addiction (supposedly) Propilot Aviation Stuff... See also Pilot Pointer Aviation stuff...accidents...more Prosoagnosia People who cannot recognize faces. Prosopagnosia is it's medical term Prostitution John TV is an Oklahoma City Website--guy tapes Johns and Prostitutes and posts on web Protocols PTSD Silouan Green's One life, Live Free site. Vet who lectures vets on PTSD.... Puzzles Puzzles and games Puzzleworld The famous "16" puzzle Pyramids
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