Atom Films       Lots of humorous videos here. Watch and review if you wish.
Van Gogh
Video Formats    What's the difference between NTSC and PAL?

Free Films, movies, online videos, tv shows
Academic Earth          Thousands of free video lectures from the world's top scholars at various universities
The Auteurs             Online Cinema
Epicurious              80 dishes from around the world
Fancast                 TV shows and movies galore (My personal favorite)
Finding your Ancestors  Free BYU course in Genealogy
Forum Network           Many, many interesting lectures
Harvard home            Many interesting free lecture videos on a variety of subjects
Health Central
Howcast                 How-to videos and guides from "How to look Great in Photographs" to "How to Jump Start you Car"
Hulu                    More tv shows and movies
Languages               BBC Language courses in several languages
Look and Taste          Videos and recipes
MIT Open Courseware     1,800 plus academic courses-with syllabuses, assignments, exams, and often, audio or video lectures; MIT online
Nobel Prize Winners
Open Culture            Dozens of Great classics, film noir....
Video Chat              Oovoo. Free. Video chat with up to six family members or friends at once.
Research Channel        Video Library
TED                     Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
YouTube Edu             Educational Videos

Video Editing Final Cut Pro Lightworks Free Opensource Video editor Motion
Videojug Thousands of How to" and "Ask the Expert" videos on a seemingly endless array of topics U of Maryland Med CenterNumerous videos/topics Videolectures Video lectures by distinguished scholars and scientists at conferences, seminars, workshops... Web MD Thousands of videos catalogued by topic Video-Shape collage Make picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks Vietnam Casualties Listed by home of record. Nice job. Vietnam Pix Viet Nam Wall Click on a state and town/city, then the name.... Lot's of info Vietnam Wall Memorial Search for your name, etc. Vinyl Virtual Reality VR scenes are panoramic, 360 degree views Zoom in and out, Click mouse and hold.
Requires Quicktime multimedia player, free from Apple for both Macs and PC, also Nemeng Virtual Library WWW Virtual Library Virtual Trip Type in an address! Better than Google street/type views. Experiment with Arrow Keys and + - Viruses As in, computer Vitamins Learn about vitamins here; the what, why, how much, and more! Voting Black Box Voting irregularities on a national level Volcanoes The Smithsonian Institute spotlights eruptions for each know volcanoe over the last 10,000 years. Volcano World "The world's premier source of volcano info." U North Dakota Vortex Rings Analyze the smoke ring vortex phenomena. V Zones Is your web life too boring?
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