American Wars and Conflicts Also see this nice site
French Wars
War death tolls
Water Scroll down at this site for a great discussion of water.
Water---Learn what you REALLY don't know about it Water-USGS Site Track droughts, measure water quality, monitor local water resources. H2O Conserve What's your water footprint? Water Footprint All about water...virtual water. How much does it take to produce a pound of beef? Water Recycled Water-Weight Conversion How much does a given quantity of water weigh?
Weather Webdate-East Coast
Web Hosting There are many Web Hosts with varying prices, and hundreds of free hosts--though they tend to come and go. HostRoute From 20 to 1000 mb plans. I use this one. iPower 500 mb Package And be sure to check some of the free ones I list on my web page here
Web Authoring NVU Complete Web Authoring System for Linux/Microsoft Windows/Macintosh users rivaling FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (for "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML. Web Developers Free open source application developer. Build native apps with web technology Weblog Making Directions for producing your own Weblogs Blog Search engine. Look up logs/hot topics; Also, Technorati which tracks Weblogs and who gets
the hits....Blogroots, Weblogs; also here among many. Whales American Natural History Museum Who's Alive/Who's Dead Famous people; Birth dates, other pertinent info Wilderness Society
Words----You can have fun here! Fun Words A list of "fun" words and their definitions. Neolog Larks World of Made-up Words Phrontistery Forthright's Phrontistery...English word lists/language resources (by alphabet--scroll down the page) Word Play Sites that feature fun with words Wordspy

WiFi sites, freesots, etc. --check these sites to locate WiFi near you

HotspotList Hotspot Locations Warchalking "Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking." Wayport Web Hosting See also "Domain Names" at D link. Weekend Walks Whales WiFi Free Spot WiFinder Zone Finder
Wholesale Products Great site for purchasing in bulk. Wikileaks Get all the secret dirt Wills on the Web Wills of celebraties and ordinary people... Windowshade Mac Remember that great capability for your OS 9 windows? It's back!!! I love it. Winter Soldier.com Some interesting information about John Kerry Workers World Party Marxist party formed in 1959 Worksheets- Wow! Hundreds of printable worksheets on a myriad of subjects World Clock Very informative information on lots of stuff--time, population, death, illness and much more World History Check out the many different texts that can be searched from Bartleby's site. Wright Brothers Interesting education site with nice collection of pictures. Writers and Poets Writer Mag, AWP, and Writer's Digest
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