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Apple History AMUG Arizona Macintosh User's Group"> Applejack AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. (older versions for OS-9) AppleKnowledgeBase Leads you to info you need through a series of questions. Applescript Learn how to use and write Applescripts Apple Search Support Apple Specs Database Lists the specs on all Apple products Apple Specs Database Second address for the above site. Hmmmmm Apple Tech Info Library Thousands of documents in the Apple archives Apple Works User Group AsTheAppleTurns A humorous look at Apple; Also see I hate apple bombich OSX Utilities, info, tips, much more. Great site. Hack your mack 2004 Burn a Bootable Disc Cult of Mac A Great site for Mac addicts! Digitize Cassettes Sound Studio 2. from Felt This $49 ap for systems 8.1-X is like a live studio! djon Great pictorial site for dismantling your old tray-loading iMac to replace battery, etc. Disability Apple services for the disabled. See also here. and here Disk Inventory X If you've ever wondered where all your disk space has gone, Disk Inventory X will help you to answer this question.'s Macintosh Download Center Driver Museum Extension Manager lesson Apple's Tech Info library article walks you through using your extensions manager. Detailed model specs and estimated current values. Great FAQs site; Tech specs, etc. Explore Jaguar Folklore Tons of Apple stories I Hate Apple iMac Upgrading How to upgrade your original series iMac. iMovieMagicMovie Inside Mac Games Juicy tips, hint, cheats. Also player forums. Low End Mac All you ever needed to know about the various Mac models (See Quicklinks near page top) And here MacApps MacCom Online Mac Newsletter. Subscribe! EveryMac More than the name implies Mac news, Info, Help ... MacFixit Mac Hints & Tips From those who know! User Group archives MacHome Mag Online MacHome Magazine Online. All things Mac. tips, help, etc. Macintosh search engine; news; shareware Claims to be the only Mac(instein) search engine. MacinstructMacLand MacLand--All kinds of Internet software. Mac specific Search Engine Mac Merc Geek stuff MacOrchard Essential Internet applications for Macintosh users since 1995 MacSurfer Dozens of links to recent, top Mac articles. Recyclers to schools. etc. Good collection of helpful links. Mac to RS-232 Interfacing a Mac serial port to RS-232 Lab Equipment Need some old Apple software or hardware? The Website for Macintosh-Windows Integraton Solutions Macworld Mag Online Macworld Magazine Onnline. All things Mac. Need help with your Mac? Click on Mac 911 button.

RAM Sites

MacResQ Chips and much more. You can search for older Mac stuff. Renouned RAM and memory upgrade store Ram 4all Memory Ram TransIntl MRP RAMWatch Before buying RAM, check best prices available at top 10 dealers here. OSX Keyboard Shortcuts OS-X Tip Sheet Peachpit's OS-X tip Sheet by Robin Williams RAMSeeker Looking for Ram for your Mac?

Other world Computing Mac sales Shockwave Free. Necessary for viewing and using much web content such as high-performance multiuser
games, interactive product simulations, online entertainment, and training applications. Sniffing Software Find Wi-Fi hotspots Think Secret Provides up-to-date info on freewae, shareware, and commercial apps. Virtual Reality Quicktime's Virtual Reality page. Really cool. Zoom in/out, spin using Shift/Control/Mouse. Virtual Seattle Over 700 Panoramas The source for performance news, tips, reviews. Huge database of compatible hardware; forums


Here you'll find both Mac and PC stuff to download. Don't try just one when searching. BBedit lite 6.1 Free powerful text editor Freeware site.Click on Mac link at bottom CorelDraw 8 LE Free Graphics package for image editing and painting. Freeware A nice collection of free software/stuff Jumbo PC/Linux/Mac Freeware, Shareware, etc. MacBatteryWebPage Got an old Mac that needs a battery.. and how do you know? Look here. My #1 Mac Freeware/Shareware Download site. zdnet's MacSoftware Library Macinstruct Great collection of tutorials Mac.Org I really like this collection of Mac Software Good Downloads site MacUpdate Huge archives Macworld Lots of lessong from the magazine, software Mactopia Hey, Microsoft has a Mac downloads site! Nerd's Heaven The software directory directory! Go here first for an overall look at sites for all
platforms, User Groups, Vendors, Operating Systems.... OS-X Trainer PC Phone Home Computer Theft Protection Software from Brigadoon Software Pure-Mac Nicely categorized interface Multimedia shareware catalog--iView Multimedia, etc. SoundSet Central Home to hundreds of sounds for the Mac. Swiss Mac Free Nice collection of games, etc. Think Secret TinkerTool for OSX OS X Activate hidden options not shown to you by Apple, Including Desktop trash can. Trinfinity Software Tucows Mac Shareware site. Classic. Update Downloads
Try these Mac publications: InfoWorld Mac News Network MacAddict MacHome MacInTouch MacWorld Ogrady's power page (
Widgets you SHOULD have iStat Pro Lets you monitor every aspect of your Mac, including CPU, memory, disks, network, battery, temperatures, fans, load & uptime and processes Maintidget Just click to run your daily, weekly monthly scripts (should be done regularly)
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