With all of us roaming around the house in the wee hours of the night, never knowing who was going to be surprised in the bathroom at what unGodly hour, a few thing were likely to get broken--and then, of course, fixed. A little glue, some screws, eh.




Too, there was the humungus electrical project that had to be undertaken so the Bellingham International Airport would stop using the Kaas-Lent residence as a landing beacon, but that was executed flawlessly and with surgical precision under the experienced hands of Ric Deichler.

Oops, now where did that picture of our favorite diversion come from?...(Thanks, Becky.) Ric was trying to get a little mooning in here but Becky was just a bit too fast on the trigger...er, button.

Of course there was the little thing of the cribbage board that helped pass the time, too. Now, where did I file that picture....


Although we only managed to squeeze in 2 days of playing in the snow, at least they were accomplished without injury... well, at least no permanent injuries. Here's a shot of Kirk and Robin receiving encouragement from Greta (?). By the end ot the second day, Kirk was entertaining thoughts of joining the Olympic Snowboarding Team and Robin wondered if she could somehow work a snowboard into her floor routine.

No permanent decisions seem to have been made as of this time.


Now, a Christmas vacation with no shots of a tree just wouldn't be right, would it?

Becca kindly offered to pose with one of the chauffeurs in front of the tree.


Liam and K'ialani got spruced up to go to a millennium party. kkk



But did I spell her name correctly? Let's see...here are some of the variations I heard:





How about just Kiwi!





Well, we know who the designated driver wasn't! And this was before they left home.







Tsk tsk. I guess that tree just wasn't to be photographed by itself.