We had some great dinners, eh? I tried and tried to convince everyone that I could make a burrito meal but they just weren't having it.

 Just a little bit higher...a little to the left...that's it, almost there now.

 Whose turn to blow out the candle?

 What was that, Greta? What?


Becky got the a pretty good picture with that throw-away camera, eh?


Can anyone guess which gourmet meal this was?





 Did she really say what I think she said?

 Yeah, it just sorta popped out!

 Yes, I'm gonna eat the whole house and more!

 Me too! Me too!


 Yep, right down to the plumbing.

 I can't believe you ate that!

So now let's see a few of those exciting, mind boggling, once-in-a-lifetime millenium shots, eh! [Yeah, yeah, I know. That's not really 'til next year.]