This site is so new the paint's hardly dry! Hi to all of you guys. I've got a lot of pictures posted on the site that I took while there in Bellingham for the Y2K vacation week, and some that Becky took, too. The pictures are not necessarily in chronological order. I've broken the site up into several pages for quicker loading. These first three shots are for Kajal, 'cause I took them last summer in DC and told her they'd one day be on the Internet.


By the way, these are all full sized pictures that you should be able to download and print out on a full page. I've just squeezed them to make them fit the page.

An outsider might think (by these photos we took) that all we did while in Bellingham was eat. Come to think of it....well,... no, there was a lot of card dealing, now that I recall. Also some shopping, walking around the lake, some skiing/snowboarding, a trip to the dead animal plant, and in general, a whole lot of great visiting with wonderful friends/relatives.



Of course, Kiwi with her knight in chain mail, the girls with their graham cracker houses and predawn breakfasts were an important part of the visit, but there's more. Oh, yes there is. There's a little case of chimney building:


OK, so it wasn't exactly chimney building. More like, pipe installing. After a small fortune (and that's in gas money spent in making 13 1/2 trips to the local Mom-and-Pop hardware store), several hundred dollars in parts and two days of installation time, the bombproof, rostproof, doublewalled, stainless steel wood-burning stove exhaust port was installed and marvelled at by all.


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