Food you eat enroute and river food.

Kayak rental:
Mission Bay Sports Center at Santa Clara Point (near Roller Coaster) rental for 5 days  is $145, providing we rent 10. Hah. Too Expensive.

REI is far more reasonable at $85 ($15 of it is for joining REI).  REI is also a great place to buy your camping/boating/biking/hiking blah blah blah supplies.
2 models are available:   Malibu II  (tandem 2 person)    56 pounds, 12 feet long
                                      Scrambler (single person)         45 pounds, 11 feet long

Rental includes life jacket, paddle, backrest, and kayak, all that is required. The logistics of picking up and delivering the Kayaks at REI can be worked out between us at a later date when our numbers are determined.

The kayaks are sit-on-tops so you won't have to worry about capsizing or floatation problems.

          Recreational Equipment Inc.
              5556 Copley Drive
               San Diego, CA 92111

Canoe Rental:
If you are thinking Canoe, you may call Kathy Goodwin at Martinez Lake (next to Fisher's Landing) at 928-783-5815 and work out the particulars.  It's on the order of $47 a day plus $100 delivery charge (for rental of 5 canoes.) I suggest you do the Kayak route.