What to Pack for Food and Drink
Wednesday  16th     Supper        at Walter's Camp (some camp-type foods are available at Walter's Camp store.
Thursday     17th      Breakfast    at Walter's Camp  We'll make a leisurely put in after breakfast, toiletries....
                                 Lunch         on the river.  Sandwiches--cold stuff
                                 Supper        at Carrizo Wash camp  (a small stove will be available to heat water)
 Friday    18th          Breakfast    at Paddle Wheeler camp           "                                          "
                                 Lunch         on the river

Take out mid-to-late afternoon at  Fisher's Landing

Foods to consider--suggestions only
Think:  What will still be tasty and good even if squished, bent, smashed or mashed?

Enough bread/pita or otherwise, to cover the meals above.
Cheeze, Peanut butter/jelly
Cup-o-soup  (Top Ramen...)
Dried meat/fruit
Freeze Dried foods  (great becausethey are already packed in watertight bags)

Snacky stuff--just for fun  (remember, ya gotta carry it and keep it dry!

Candy bar
Trail Mix

A small camp stove will be available to heat water for evening/morning drinks
A water filter will be available for purifying river water.

A large (quart size) sport container of drinking water--will be refilled with filtered water when empty.
Other beverages---remember, you are carrying it!