What to Pack

Keep in mind that you have to carry and keep dry, on/in your kayak, out of the water, all your supplies -- both food and shelter (clothing, sleeping bag, tent, etc.) for a night and the better part of 2 days on the water.

As we will be on the river and in the water for the duration of the trip, you will NOT need to bring a change of clothes.  Feeling "soiled?"  Hop in the water. Go for a swim.

1 light sweater (nights will be cool, in the high 50's or low 60's)
Biodegradable Soap
Facecloth which can double as a towel if you are a towel person....Get it? Nothing big!
Insect Repellant
Lip gloss
Sun protection lotion
Toilet Paper (Emergency supply only--Walter's and the campground we will use have toilets)
Sleeping bag
5x7 moistureproof ground covering or....    (5x7 blue tarp available at Harbor Freight for $1.99)
Tent--if you want sure protection from Mosquitoes.

I suggest you pack your goods in a thoroughly waterproof bag. (Ziploc Bags large enough to hold a sleeping bag and more are available at Walmart.)

You can buy, if you wish, a waterproof river bag for $18 at REI.  You could even get away with using (doubled-up) trash bags containing smaller/individual  items in large watertight ziplock-type freezer bags.

Electric hair dryer....uhhhhh, well then again, maybe not.
Flashlight (tiny) but you won't need it.
Tent--I suggest sleeping in the open on your tarp....less to carry on your Kayak