A Quickie Guide to Using FETCH ftp Client for the Macintosh

Rick Swallow  11-15-01

Fetch is for the Macintosh and is but one of many programs which will allow you to upload your web-ready web page to your web-host.  Some, such as Fetch, are free for the download.  If  you go to ftp://ftp.rapidsite.co.uk/pub/fetch/   a site located in England, you will see
You may as well download Fetch version 3.0.3 and the 3.0 User Guide.
Just double-click on the link and OK the download.  Each will automatically unstuff with Stuffit Expander, another free internet utility.

Fetch has a help section on the menu bar which you may find useful as well. When you double-click on the little Fetch application icon

          make each area blank. 

Next type in the information you get from your Web host. and click OK.  (Just a sample)

Note that the Host name may be an IP address (a series of numbers)  a name, or an ftp address such as  ftp.homestead.com Just use the information that your web host supplies to permit ftp-ing to their site.

Depending on your host, you may or may not see other window(s) of information open behind this main window.  Ignore them.
A window similar to that to the right is your actual upload window.  Your files will be stored in the "www" folder, so double dick it. 

Probably there will be nothing inside of the "www" folder window after you first click it, but when you simply drag your web folder into it from your desktop, it will appear there afer a few moments--or minutes depending on your bandwidth--and be accessible to anyone in the world--providing, of course that they have the URL (address to the site).

Any time you want to make changes to your page, just drag and drop it into the same place and it will replace the older version automatically.  I leave my Fetch window open in the background while I'm working on my page and just drag my updated page up there every few minutes and then surf to it with my browser so I can see that it looks as I intended.