As chief accountant, I was forced, given our location, to spend a great deal of time keeping the books straight.









Under Ric's watchful eye and patient tutoring, Martha pays out a longline in a futile attempt to snag an unwary Brown. Alas, to no avail. The River Life is safe for yet another day.








River Princess waiting patiently for lunch to be served.











Our intrepid guide takes a long last look downstream







before grabbing the oars and launching fearlessly into the maw of the raging Red Creek Rapid, ever smiling and confident to the end














and I wait patiently in a tiny eddy for her fragile craft to launch into the frothy waters at the point of no return.





And down through the roiling waters, twisting and bobbing, sometimes submerged and more often than not poised at the lip of one perilous hole or another comes the Maric.





Yeah, well, we did all manage to survive the trip with hardly a mishap, and here, on our last afternoon, we sit pondering the pleasures we've experienced on this venture into the wilderness.  Most of us wish we had another day or so to loiter about the pristine river environ, but no, oh no, we've got more important things to do [tho oddly, no fish to fry] than enjoy the life of ne'er-do-well river rats.







Dan tries one last time to lose a afly while I rinse out our high-tech water filter.






So we pack up

suit up

tie down

and smile one more time for the camera

(Ahh, there you are, Debbie)


one last time.






Now for the easy part... unpacking and loading up the trailer.








Back? What on earth for? Well, it's your choice.

I hope I got all the facts straight, gang. My recollection of the trip is now getting fuzzy so it must be time to do another one....       :-)