Green River Trip

October, 2000

Ric Deichler, Martha Deichler, KC Deichler, Robin Deichler

Dan Hacker, Debbie Hacker

Rick Swallow

The week before the trip to the Green River in Utah, it snowed enough to close roads in the area. We were very fortunate to experience near shirtsleeve weather during our trip. We had 3 Kayaks for play and fishing, and Ric's new cataraft for fishing, passenger and gearboat.

With gear spread out for 30 feet downriver of the ramp at Dutch John, i t took us almost 3 hours to get the cataraft assembled and loaded in preparation for the launch of our trip.


But asemble it we did, and we were soon on our way.









Though partially hidden in the shade of the local fauna, one can find Ric and Dan examining the river to find the most promising place to drop in a fly.



Dan decides to try out his lucky fly. His perseverance pays off over the long run as he was the champion fisherman of the trip, if sheer numbers mean anything. Yep, he caught both of 'em!





Well, actually, there was  a fish fry one night.







Here's KC trying to decide how to get the paddles in the water without getting her fresh fingernail polish wet.









Try as we might to ditch 'em, Martha and Robin managed to keep up, even when the goin' got tough.






Keep Paddling, girls, you're almost there!







Ric assumes the position of Chief Cook and Chicken flipper.









After lunch KC gets a lesson in patience...















...and then tries her luck. And what's that she's holding?

Seaweed? Stringy Pond scum? A wayward hair ribbon? An old green shoelace? A broken garter belt? Well, if I had a better scanner and massaged the picture a bit, you'd see that it is in fact, a long a*¥üø.

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