Remember when? Christmas,2000

Just after Christmas I arrived in Oklahoma City, and I was really happy.

I remember wen I frist gut to yore house the frist thing I saw was
yore Christmas tree. It was bery, bery purty with all the decorations
and lites an all.

Then I was welcomed by
the welcoming princess.

She looks so lovely here
even without her makeup.

I asked her where the real
kids were but she didn't

Then I met the rest of the committee.

With a great big grin like that I soon began to feel right at home, and like going out and having an ice cream, too.

This snowman appeared by magic and the girls invited it to stay around awhile--which turned out to be about 4 days.

Alway the happy face to have around to
cheer up the afternoons.


Zach looks rather sad because his Sim city is going broke.

Ever notice that Zach has a little "Devil" in him? Look at his red eyes!

This scene is straight from the exorcist which I decided to put in here because it
reminds me so much of Jessica.

Now Josh, poor guy, was born with a terrible growth on his hand
which, in order to save him from embarassment, has been covered
with plastic in the shape of a telephone, his favorite, and most
used, household object. Unfortunately, it sometimes jabs him in
the eye during sleep.

This has caused him to think seriously about having the plastic
telephone cover replaced with something more in the shape of a

Josh make some killer chocolate chip cookies in spite of his
impediment, and it doesn't seem to stand in his way when it
comes to being a basketball star.

I understand that he can twist himself up into a cricket (?) but I
didn't get to see it while I was there. Maybe a good thing.

Now this is one of
my favorite photos.
I found these two
young movie stars
trying as hard as
they could to
crush this rock
with their elbows
so they could have
something besides
snow to throw on
the ice.

It seems they had
plans on going
swimming but I
talked them out of
it because it was
late afternoon and
the lifeguards
weren't on duty.

So Instead they decided to throw snowballs at me
until I promised them I'd take them for an ice cream
immediately at Braums.

This is the snowbear Stephanie and Jessica built and
brought into the house so he wouldn't get too cold
because they were afraid it would freeze its little tail off.
See his little tail? Pretty smart girls, eh?

And then I had to go home. Boo hoo.

Stephanie likes to vacuum but does it the hard way because, she says,
"Plugging it in makes too much noise.
Besides, my mommy said this is the way we vacuum in Oklahoma."