Paris in the Springtime, 2001

A life in progress
by Rick Swallow

The Apartment


I rented this apartment at 10, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Paris, for my Springtime in Paris stay from March 15 to May 15, 2001. This
apartment is on the 6th floor, although advertised as a 4th floor walkup, requiring one to climb 103 steps or 5 flights of stairs to reach it.
The rent was $1400 American per month, with a $600 deposit which I made 6 months in advance. I located the apartment through the
internet at
One enters the apartment into a small hallway with the bathroom immediately straight ahead. (Left) Once in the hallway, looking to the
right brings the bedroom into view.

Walking into the living room one sees first a small utility closet to the left and to the right, the couch.

The kitchen, behind the standup coffee bar, contains a new microwave oven
and coffeemaker, an electric stove, refrigerator, single sink and clotheswasher.

The living room area also contains a telephone and fax machine which made
my internet connection possible. There is an old 12" black and white tv on the
bookshelf in the living room just to the left and above the phone/fax; also one
of the same size and vintage in the bedroom. The radio on the corner table of
the living area provided me with music to my liking.

Linen and towels were provided.

The windows shown overlook the street below.

With several restaurants, a bakery, a small grocery store, to name only a few
of the conveniences, one could virtually live on this short, one block section of
rue Jean Jacques Rousseau without ever leaving it.

For Future Reference:

A few doors down at 20, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001, Paris, there is a hostel where travelers can find lodging in group
rooms, sleeping up to 8 people, and hot showers.
Telephone: 01 53 00 90 90 Fax 01 53 00 90 91

A sister Hostel in the Latin Quarter at 44, rue des Bernardins, 75005 Paris has like facilities. Telephone: 01 43 29 34 80 Fax 01 53 00 90 91

There is no age restriction. On inquiry I learned that the Latin Quarter facility even has some single rooms available. Lodging is about
$20/night. Click here to go on to back to Week 1. (Using your back button is quicker if you came here from there.)

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