London and Paris in the Spring March 23 - April 13. 2009

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow


Saturday, Mar 23-April 13, 2009 I really, really do like London, but as I've been there several times before, I'm going to spend no time with this page posting pictures. These sites are, after all just for my own recollection; something for me to remind myself of my activities when I'm actually too old to remember them. :-) At this moment in Feb 2013, when I've finally decided to launch this "reminder" page for myself, I can't find all the pictures I took! A large part of the reason I took this trip was to hook up with Robin Deichler in Paris. Robin was finishing up her college studies as a foreign student majoring in "International Studies and Conflict Resolution" (or something of that sort). I had a great time and did, in fact, meet with Robin a couple of times in Paris. I had rented the same little room in London as I had on previous visits there, also renting the flat near the Louvre in Paris where I stayed last time I was in town.