Medfield High School

Class of 1958

Rick Swallow

We had our 40th class reunion at Joe and Catherine Dugan's in September of 1998. Many people had a hand in bringing our gathering to fruition. It all started in February, when Larry sent out some Email to Joe, Pat, Dave and me suggesting that we do some legwork on getting the group together. Here's Larry's original letter.

Hi Guys,

Well it's THAT time again. I'm just throwing out a feeler. How about the 5 of us organizing this class reunion via e-mail. With each of us doing a little bit, I think we can pull this off with very little effort and a lot of fun as the end result. Let me know what you all think. Send your every message to all of us, or copy all of us, so we all know where we stand. I think, to start the ball rolling, that the Columbus Day weekend (October 9, 10, 11 and 12) should be when we have it. What say ye all?

By the way, if anybody knows of any other classmate who has already started to do something about this, let it be known so we can jump on their bandwagon. I kinda doubt that anyone else has started anything, though, to be honest. I'd love to share the mc responsibilities with one or more of you guys unless someone else would care to do it solo.

Rest easy.......give it some thought.......and reply by March 1st.

I love you guys and the memories you have given me over the years and, at times like this, I have to wonder how much more time we've got to get together and make a few more memories.

Take care and thanks for considering this proposal.


After a letter like that, what could we say? For a couple of months we gathered names, addresses [both snail and Email], and phone numbers from a variety of sources including, of course, the Internet. We each took on certain positions in the project: Joe was the sage advise giver; Pat was the general overseer and manager, telephone harasser; Dave worked on getting the food end of the project settled, though it was finally decided (after the first notice was sent out) that it would be best to have a barbecue. Larry, being in Florida, did what he could from a distance, and I adopted the role of "Keeper of the Data."

Many of the pictures on this HomePage are copies I made with my new toy: a Sony Digital Mavica FD71 camera. I copied a lot of pictures that classmates brought, but Dave, being a more proficient shutterbug, took so many good shots that I had him forward me a copy of all his work. Yep, Josie, [not having Email, I know you won't see this for a while] you now have the full set. It seems you are thought to be the holder of memorabelia.

The Early Days--Second Grade

These first pictures were taken from a booklet the Fred Karl (RIP) had and was forwarded to us by his sister. It included part of the class, for some odd reason. The rest were in a little booklet of the same year that someone else brought to the reunion and rounded out the class. Now, I wonder why two different people had two different parts of the same class photos?


 Betty Shanks

Billy Bowden

 Jimmy Gorman


Raymond Brickley

 Carole Ehnes

Cathy Sweeney

Connie Clark


 David Farrington


Donny Wilson


 Ernie Roy


 Frankie Travis


 Franny Rossi


 Freddy Karl


 George Hershey


Geraldine Brickley


 Jane Hinkley


Minnie Gorman


Judy Smith


 Harry Brown


 Johnny Johnson


 Josie Bravo


 Larry MacKenney


 Mario Catenacci


 Nancy Seeley


 Peter Frame


 Richard Swallow


Ronnie Johnson

Please Email me with names or correction if you know them. I can be reached at

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