Reunion Xtras

Here is another page of photos for your perusal.  I'm 
keeping the shots large so identities are easier to make out.
Of course, that will make it take longer to download the page,
but then, time is cheap.

Here's the Dugan front lawn at 656 Main Street




Joe, Pat, and I spent a little time setting up the "lunch" tables and chairs inside the barn while Catherine slaved away at whatever it is that women slave away at to prepare their home for guests.






Now, who woulda thunk that plain ol' lawn mower gas could be used to keep the food warm!









After a while the chairs began to fill up.

If you don't find yourself here, you were probably still outside helping Joe dispose of the beer and

wine. He recycles, so I'm told, and the containers have to be empty.




CarolAnn, Marge, and Karl were doing their best to help Joe in his recycling effort. Was Margie about to fall over ?










Catherine is trying very hard to convince the flowers not to wilt before the evening is up. As I recall, her request was honored.







Dave and Pat, still having a good time even after all that barbecued dead animal, potato salad, and beer.











Dave, 10 years earlier.







Here's another trolley shot. There were several, but the two used are the best and include the most

people. It's a wide shot taken by Dave so you may have to scroll to see it all. I don't want to shrink it

as then the identities become even more blurred!


How many of you actually walked behind Joe and discovered that he has a pony tail too?

This shot taken by Dave's candid camera reveals the truth.






 Some shots not associated with the reunion

Medfield High School Class of 1958

Anyone know what the event was here?

Leena Kitzberg Osteraas and her husband Gary came to the 1993 reunion. At that time they were still living in Massachusetts. How Larry found them is a story for the books. Get him to tell it to you if you're interested. It's not mine to tell, but it is very interesting.


Anyway, they live on the west coast now and couldn't make it this time around. Maybe we can convince them to come to the next in 2003. 2003, now doesn't that sound strange?








Jeff Hudson-A photo provided by Jane.








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