In pasting these photos, I decided to place them more or less randomly so you'd have to scroll through them and see them all . ;-)
Who knows how long this site will exist? If you have some text you'd like to see next you a (or your) picture, Email me and let me know what to put in. I probably have some names wrong and will correct them as you let me know about the errors. I've numbered the shots so you can identify them as to which ones need changing.



Al and Ginny drove from Florida.





2. Bill and Jean seem to be enjoying themselves.

3.But then in a more somber moment.










4. The Early Brunch Bunch

5. The guys (and Pat) exchange lies.

6. Carole Ehnes came a long way to see the old crowd. She's teaching in Virginia


7. Caught CarollAnn by surprise in this shot.






8. Don and Randi Wilson. Don is a wealthy banker and Randi a teacher ;-)

9. And Don alone.... I wonder if he's thinking about how to get us to invest in something or other.





Please remember, this is a site in progress and intended as a preview only. I want YOU to fill in whatever text you'd like to see beside your picture...Kids names,Car you drive (if that's important to you...) whatever. Anything I have written is just to act as filler for now.

10. Dave, Bill and Eddie.






11.Franny and Carol

12. Reverend George.








13. Here's Gussie. She and Bill came from Nevada just to see us (and the Pats game).






14. Jim seemed pleasantly pleased with the reunion, though if we hadn't enlisted his new bride Anna's help, he may not have come! It's smart to listen to your bride, Jim!

(Thanks, Anna.Got a shot of you later down the page.)

15. One of many shots of Joe, (our teriffic host's husband) in the kitchen.




16. Well, there you are, Josie. Somehow I think about you and David running a farm up in New Hampshire, but that's probably only a pipe dream....


17. Ok, so Joyce isn't in our class, but she came with me and this is my site, right?







18. Karl never seems to change. Where is he getting his pills?




19. Happy Kathy. Nice smile, girl.






20. The happy couple. Thanks for the great hors d'ouvres!

21. Mario and Ellen after the barbecue.



22. Nancy is still very much a local girl. Has worked in Lords for years and I seem to bump into her there every time I'm in town.


23. Pat, after a long afternoon of beer and good company.




24. Uh, huh, right, Pat. Sorry, wrong Judy and I'm gonna tell. Blame it on the beer? ;-)

25. Pete and Marlene just before driving away in their shiny red...was that a Volkswagen?

26. Peter almost didn't come to the reunion either. A long drive up from NY. Next time bring Cecelia, Peter. We'd love to meet her.

27. I don't remember falling over, but it sure does look so, eh? Maybe it was all that wine....

28. Setting up the CD player so Joe's 50's album could be heard by all. Over and over. And over. I guess I shouldn't complain as it was me that kept playing it. Ah, nostalgia.

29. I hope you all have Netscape 4.0 or better. That way you should be able to scroll all the way across this class picture.

30. Janice was a model for many years...


31. and here's one of her studio shots taken just a year or so ago as I understand it.



32. Buddy came with Mary Jo and his twin girls (12 this year).

33. Bill spent some time just chewin' the fat with old friends.

34. A full meal, a little sauce, and a poolside chaise is sometimes just a bit much to resist, eh John?

35. Ah, there you are, Anna. Jim finally decided to show you off. ;-)

36. And now for the instigator for our 40th reunion, I present

Larry Mackenney

37. Nancy seemed engrossed in a long tale when I took this.

38. Aha, and there you are, Judy. Did you see what was going on up in picture 24 above? And "Hi" to Pat (Moran) McDonald and Shila

Roy. Someone please help identify others in this photo.

39. Here's Jane and Pat, gettin' into old times.

Jane has her own website.

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