Medfield High School Class of 1958

Following are the names of the graduating class members as listed in the yearbook, including the errors!

[* Missed 1998 Reunion]
[+ deceased]

William Thomas Anderson, Jr.
William Henry Barth
James Converse Bois
William Lawrence Bowden
Josehine Delphina Bravo
*Harry Robert Brown
Mario Joseph Catenacci
Virginia Ann Decker
Francis Joseph Dugan
Carole Dorothea Ehnes
Peter Woelfle Frame
Charles Henry Guy
Patrick Samuel Harris
*Jane Elizabeth Hinkley
Janice Louise Hutchins
Lawrence Russell MacKenney, Jr.
Karl Henry Magnussen
George Eben Nye
Nancy Rogers
Francis David Rossi
+Ernest Charles Roy
Margaret Louise Sargent
Peter Francis Scribner
Nancy Margaret Seeley
John James Shugrue
Richard Carman Swallow
Catherine Jane Sweeney
Carrolann Tammero
Donald Falconer Wilson
*Kenneth Ross Wilson

These are the only Senior Photos I saw among the bunch that showed up at the Reunion "Exhibit."

Buddy Guy
Died February 23, 1999

Catherine Sweeney

CarrolAnn Tamero

Francis Rossi

Francis Joseph Dugan


Mario Catenacci

Died February 28, 1999

Nancy Seeley