My 2008 Pleasureway's Maiden Voyage up the West Coast Summer 2008

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Friday, June 20, 2008 cont'd After exiting the park at the north, I doubled back a few miles on Hwy 62 as I wanted to view some waterfalls (National Creek Falls, Natural Bridge and Rogue Gorge...), which I did. Back to the north I took Hwy 138 to Watson Falls at milepost 61-the 272 foot waterfall which is the 4th largest in Oregon. Quite breathtaking. Also visited Whitehorse and Clearwater Falls. By then it was approaching 4 p.m. so I headed back along 138 to Diamond Lake and had a pizza for supper. Then I headed directly to Redmond via Hwy 97 and Crooked River RV park--another story. The pictures above and just below are of various falls all within a view miles of each other and each accessible by car, though a couple require a few minutes by trail to get to them. One might say that to see one falls is to see them all, but that's not quite true. Each has its own un-capturable beauty Saturday, June 21, 2008 Rolled into brother David and Claudia's in Redmond last evening before dark. Spent the next week at their home. At left above are my Grand niece Aubrey and Nephew Zachary. At right is a shot of David at Smith Rock Park in Redmond. Click here to see a pano of the park. There's a great hiking trail there. which can be seen along the ridges. Saturday, June 28, 2008 After a I headed up to Portland for Liam and Si's wedding reception (another story). It was quite a hot day but the shade of the park helped to make it feel comfortable. It was quite a gathering. The hundred or so attendees settled into comfortable groups to enjoy the repast.
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