My 2008 Pleasureway's Maiden Voyage up the West Coast Summer 2008

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Rick Swallow
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Saturday June 28, 2008 cont'd I left the Portland late in the evening and headed toward Mukilteo, Oregon, where Liam's folks live, spending the night in an RV park along the route. Sunday June 28, 2008 Today I stopped to view Mount St. Helens, represented by the shots below. The stumps in the last shot are seen everywhere and are the remains of trees that were blown down by the force of the explosion when Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. June 28-July 3, 2008--Mukilteo, WA At left below: Kirk, Greta and Caroline pose on Deception Pass Bridge at the far northern end of Whidbey Island. At right, Greta shows off the results of her green thumb (not shown...). Above, left, another photo op outside a favorite Mexican restaurant in Mukilteo. Right, Kirk is about to fall out of his chair after his second Marguerita. Sunday July 3---, 2008 I left my good friends in Mukilteo and wended my way south crossing from Washington to Oregon by way of the Astoria Megler Bridge across the mouth of the Columbia (Left, below). Right, the seacoast below Astoria. The drive is beautiful. I spent the night at an RV Park in Barview just north of Tillamook. The next morning I stopped in for a visit to the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory, but being the 4th of July it was not in full operation. I filled up on cheese samples--my were they delicious-- and headed southward to Coos bay, where I headed inland for a bit to try and locate the home of friends Doug and Ginny Freeman on the West Fork of the Millicoma. They were out of town so I spent the night in Rooke and Higgins County Park on the Coos River Highway.
Saturday, July 5, 2008 West to Roseburg and up the N. Umpqua Highway to Glide where I hooked up for a few days with Ric, Martha, and KC Deichler at Ric's daughter Patty (Deichler) Edwards home. Ric's Grandson Michael was also visiting. Tom and Patty have a really nice spread in the foothills, surrounded by trees and wildlife, as can be seen in the following images. And here is a Panorama I made one morning just after dawn which illustrates the general landscape. Lila, Riley and Michael spent a good deal of time chasing cats and playing on the Trampouline. The group of turkeys on a neighbor's porch can be seen more easily if you enlarge the picture (full screen if you drag it off the web-page). Riley and Lyla skate at the Roseburg rink....
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