Up the West Coast and across to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada Summer 2009

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Before heading South from Interstate 90 to Mt. Rushmore, I decided to stop off in Deadwood, the infamous "Western" town where Wild Bill Hickock met his end; Calamity Jane, who ostensibly loved him to the end, died here and is buried in the same local cemetery as Wild Bill. I didn't do much more than drive down the main street, visit the town's Visitor center, and drop in the the Cemetery where Bill and Jane are interred. (Not to mention, of course, the well received "Deadwood" tv mini-series filmed there.) Right. Not to mention....
Mount Rushmore is located just a few miles to the south. It was a very quick stop. I have to admit that I was very much put off by the commercialized nature of this National Monument, starting with the exorbitant price to park in the (private) parking lot. The monument itself is spiffy clean and well laid out, but all told, a couple of hours is about all it takes to see all there is to see and all there is to do. Oh, and Wall Drug? Just thought I'd throw that in there as I did stop briefly at this internationally known, South Dakota shopping spot.
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