Up the West Coast and across to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada Summer 2009

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
Page 8

A trip to Bruce Mines and the old Jeffery farmstead. Jim lives in the original farmhouse. George has built another home where the old barn used to stand. Lumber cut right on the property becomes building material! Jim has a cabin retreat in the woods a few miles from the farm. George's retreat is a good piece farther, and well hidden deep in the forest accessible by an old logging road requiring 4-wheel Drive! Big Basswood Lake still seems about as pristine as it did when I was a kid. We trudged up here on the hill above Honeymoon Cabin. and George, June, and Amy pause for a photo op. Right, below, is the point, now nearly overgrown, from which we use to dive into the lake. Not as sandy as my faded memories would have it, but Bill and Walter are standing guard! IN our running around that day, we stopped at Little Rapids General Store for a snack (left Below) before doing the Cemetery tour. Our forbears, Carmen Hall Swallow and Grace Guy (Swallow) were buried here. A couple more general pictures of the cemetery scene is all that is called for here. Down at Harris Creek I spied these two beautiful nymphettes emerging from an ancient tree, reminding me of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis. Of course I capitalized on the moment to stand between these two beauty queens. (Thanks, Amy, for not making me look so gravitationally challenged.) I left St. Joseph Island on Saturday, July 18, with only 5 days to get back home and work. Took no pictures of the trip home. That's all, folks.
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