Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Day 8 (Monday June 21) Pensacola. I drove across the Pensacola Bay Bridge to Santa Rosa Island, walked the pristine "sugar sand" beach a bit, explored Fort Pickens and pictures (where Geronimo was once held) and took a bunch of my own pictures, which, for some odd reason, disappeared from my chip. hmmmm. But these will do nicely. There was not yet any sign of oil from the spill on the beach. I wish the pictures had turned out. Late in the afternoon I connected with Laura Dewees (once a teacher at "my" school in Chula Vista) and Cecil for an excellent repast. Had a really nice visit. They arranged for me to stay aboard NAS Pensacola at the station's RV park. There is a famous (old) lighthouse right at the edge of the park--which is across the street from Sherman Field where I was stationed for a couple of years in the 60's. Also at Sherman Field is the National Museum of Naval Aviation. Great for us aviation buffs! I took lots of snaps and these will have to be the representatives.

The Blue Angels (Navy Flight Demonstration Team) were practicing so I took a few shots of them.... Been there, done that. Was in the same hanger for 3 years with them. The din was horrendous. They show up pretty small in these shots, but remember you an drag them to your desktop and open them to see much larger pictures.
Hey, these are my memoirs, not yours!

Day 9 (Tuesday June 22) Gas is 2.659 Arrived at Jody and Rick Livesay's home in Pace, FL about 5 p.m. (just outside Pensacola) Had a great "Indian" supper meal, a couple of glasses of good wine, and lots of pleasant conversation before retiring for the night. They certainly have a beautiful home, large pool and huge, well manicured back yard. Day 10 (Wednesday June 23) Rick, not quite yet grasping the concept of "Retired" (like me) had some work to do today, so Jody and I did a nice Museum tour in downtown Pensacola and then took in a Movie (Knight and Day--Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz--I rate it a 10 for entertainment). Then another great home cooked meal--rare for me--some pleasant conversation and a little tv before retiring.

Day 11 (Thursday June 24) Left Jody 'n Rick's about 11 this morning and took a relatively leisurely 280 mile drive to Oaks 'n Pines RV Resort in Lake City FL. Arrived about 5 p.m. Very pretty, nicely trimmed park (Cost with PA is $19.62 total). I am virtually the only one here. I think this may be indicative of the lack of travel nationwide because of the economy, but then again, maybe people just don't choose this hot season to travel to Florida! Yep, my RV is dead center in this shot just behind the left leg of the palapa (easier to see when enlarged).

Just a shot of my computers to remind me of just when I actually began documenting this trip. WIFI was excellent so I watched a movie on my laptop as I worked on the text on my 24" iMac.

Day 12 (Friday June 25) Drove South to St. Petersburg where my high school classmate, Peter Scribner--and his mate Vicki Stull--live. (Believe it or not, some of our classmates used to call us twins, though I never saw the resemblance.) It seemed impractical to keep 2 homes alive, so they consolidated. They have a beautiful 2 story home in a secure, closed community. Vicki arrived mid-afternoon from a visit with relatives in Idaho. Peter drove me about town for a little sightseeing and then we went to the Airport to pick up Vicki.

Day 13 (Saturday June 26) I laid over another day so Peter could show me some more of the St. Petersburg sights. I'll enter the name of that big pink building when Pete sends it to me. This evening Vicki prepared a delicious meal, topped of with a bit of wine and followed by a brief thunderstorm which, it seems, they ordered for my viewing pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed it as we get so few storms in So Cal and almost never see lightning or hear the magnificent roar of thunder.---and dig those cute little Scotties!

Day 14 (Sunday June 27) Today I continued my journey toward Key West. I spent the night at Gator Park--which lies within the Everglades National Park--just east of Miami. Yep, there are lots of in-the-wild alligators within hands reach.

Went on an airboat ride in the glades and took lots of pictures of the neighborhood alligators, birds, turtles....

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