Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

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Taken on July 11, 2010, Day 28 I always seem start out my treks in DC from Union Station (Left Pic below). They have a great food court below and a lot of displays and "stuff" to look at in the main hall. From there I cut across to the capitol and headed West down the mall toward the Washington Monument and past it the Lincoln Memorial. Many have seen the Vietnam War Memorial north of the Reflecting pool, (Pic 1) but fewer have had a chance to visit the newer Korean War Memorial on the south side (Pics 2-3)

This is a memorial to the women who served in the Korean War.

Day 29 (Monday July 12) Utpal went to work about 6 and a bit later I departed for Seaport Campground in Old Mystic, CT. $44.99. Most expensive stay of the entire trip, it turns out, and with absolutely no frills, not even useable wifi. Day 30 (Tuesday July 13) Day 31 (Wednesday July 14) Hung out a couple of days with Pat and Judy Harris in Medfield, MA. Judy has turned into a farmer, it seems. Had a great visit.

Day 32 (Thursday July 15) Headed north to visit with an old friend, Lorraine Simpson, in Bremen, Maine, but she had not yet arrived. Her father built this house, in which she was raised, just up from the seashore. Now she is going to live there the rest of her life, having just retired.

I drove back down the coast just a bit to where I spent the night in Sherwood Forest Campground, New Harbor, ME. It was within a block of the Atlantic and I couldn't resist trying to skip one of those round flat rocks out to sea. Just great. I threw my arm out of whack!

Fort Knox, (no not the one filled with gold...) guards the Penobscott River against a possible British attack. It's quit a pretty fort, never really saw any battles, and so for a 200 year old structure it's still in great shape! Just at the end of the Fort Knox road is a beautiful bridge with a lookout in one of the pillars. Had to go up! Built to replace the old bridge just alongside. (See Fort Knox link above for video) Day 33 (Friday July 16) Sunset Point Trailer ParkNot so bright in late evening with the fog rolling in, but it was beautiful the next day when I left for a very short drive to the Easternmost point in US, Lubec, ME. Yes, it, of course, has its very own lighthouse. Gotta leave this page before it gets too picture laden to move! Click here to go to Page 6.
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