Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Day 34 (Saturday July 17) Day 35 (Sunday July 18) Century Farms Family Campground, St Martins, NB, Canada. The left view is to the south, where there is a lighthouse on the point. The right above is to the north, showing the infamous caves which fill and empty with water as the tide ebbs and flows. Below are a few more shots of the caves/cliffs I took as I walked to them along the rocky beach. The picturesque Fundy Trail immediately north of St. Martin's has both hiking and driving areas. Above, right, and below are a few pics taken along the drive, including the famous suspension bridge, which I walked.
Day 36 (Monday July 19) I left the Bay of Fundy around 7:30 a.m. and drove 570 miles to Woodland Hills just inside the New York Border, Austerlitz, NY. Long day of driving!
Day 37 (Tuesday July 20) Today I made it all the way to Evergreen Lake Park in Conneaut, OH, late afternoon, just at the edge of Lake Erie. Um, no, that little piece of water is at the campground, a 4 star in my opinion.
Day 38 (Wednesday July 21) Spent the whole day here at Conneaut, OH, as the wifi is quite good and last night I got notice that I'll be working again this year, as well as some school materials (AR) to work on. Drove into the small town and looked about a bit and took a picture of this small (inaccessible) lighthouse on Lake Erie at Conneut. (Pronounced "Connie yute")

Day 39 (Thursday July 22) The fella at the park was about finished with his bear carving from the tree stump by the time I was getting ready to pull out this morning. I left Conneaut about 9 a.m. and arrived at Houghton Lake in Mid Michigan lower peninsula late afternoon.

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