Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Day 45(Wednesday July 28) (L-R) Catherine, Linda, Judy, Jim, Forest and I took (about a hundred mile) day trip down into the Michigan peninsula and to take a boat ride out to Mackinac Island (Pronounced "Mackinaw"). This has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century. The beautiful Grand Hotel at the edge of the island is where Somewhere in Time, with Christopher Reeve, was filmed. The island has a rich history. We toured by horse carriage as no autos are allowed on the island.
Unfortunately, I had a bad camera chip which caused me to loose many, many of the pictures I took on the trip. The unusual rock formation (a hole) is the but one of the few picture recoverable from this excursion.. The center picture is of Fort Mackinac, a British fort built during the American Revolutionary War. Day 46 (Thursday July 29) Today Forest, Linda and I took a trip north to Ranger Lake where Cousin Karen and hubby Marvin have their Camp. Cousin Jim and Judy drove their own car, Cousin George and June drove their Trailer up earlier in the day as they planned to stay the night at Karen's. Along the way we stopped off at a Dam which constitutes part of the power grid on some river whose name escapes me. Also stopped at another river further along which seemed to have some special meaning to Jim. Think he logged here once, or panned for gold, or got a drink.... Pretty river with a nice flow. (Judy and me at right) Karen and Marvin's home ("camp") is quite lovely. Marvin took the guys out for a tour of the lake. I told him I wanted to buy that small island but he didn't think the government would part with it. I was serious, but I don't think he took me so.... Oh, yeah, he took the ladies for a spin later. Canadians are like that. The two young 'uns are Kevin and Laura, Marvin and Karen's grand kids. Around the table, clockwise from George, who is reaching....June, Marvin, Karen, Forest, Linda, Jim, and Judy. Day 47 (Friday July 30)Each of the two small towns on the Island, Richard's Landing and Hilton Beach, each have a "Communnity Day" once a year where there are parades and festivities--basically fundraisers for the townships. Here's a couple of shots of the parade. I've always liked the bagpipe ever since I went to a parade in Canada as a wee lad with my dad on Orange Day. This was a very nice group. Jim and Judy showed up for this parade, and they live off the island in Bruce Mines (see map). A pleasant surprise. It was nice to see them one last time before I left. The family in the center showed up at the parade and apparently are some kind of distant relative. I lost the paper upon which I wrote their names. Hey, cousins, fill me in! These Canadians, ya gotta hand it to 'em. They've learned to look and behave just about like Americans. Guess which picture contains the only true Canadians. :-)
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