Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow
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Day 48 (Saturday July 31) A day trip to George and June's camp on Duncan (Tennis) lake. I guess it could be used as a still, but actually they produce maple syrup in their little back- building (a work in progress).

The 80-odd acre property extends to the other side of the lake.

Day 49 (Sunday August 1) It was time to pack up and say my goodbyes to my wonderful hosts (cousins) on St. Joseph Island. The first picture is a sandbox/fort that Ryan and Doug started building for the boys yesterday. Middle group picture L-R: Lyn Walsom (Doug's Mother) Jennifer (Bell) Walsom, Doug Walsom, Catherine Bell, Linda Foster, Forrest Foster, Stephen Foster. Right hand Picture L-R: Ryan Bell, Jennifer (Bell) Walsom, Doug Walsom, Catherine Bell, Linda Foster, Forrest Foster, Stephen Foster. Day 50 (Monday August 2) I headed south for Sister Betty's (and Jay's) home in Pierce City, MO, spending the night at the Hill Family Campground, a short drive below Houghton Lake, MI, where I stayed on the way up to Canada. Day 51 (Tuesday August 3) First stop was at the Gateway Arch alongside the freeway--and River-- in St. Louis, MO. 630 feet high with elevators up each leg. I'd driven by it several times over the years but never stopped to go up inside It's really a beautiful structure with lots of viewing windows at the top of the arch and a really nice , large, museum inside the base. The river was flood at the time, as can be seen in the 3rd photo, so no parking was available on the riverfront, and my vehicle was too tall to go into the garage. I was the farthest right vehicle in the picture, and all got tickets! Good PR, St Louis.
Arrived at Betty and Jay's home late afternoon. Day 52 (Wednesday August 4) Spent the day touring with Jay, the highlight being the George Washington Carver National Monument/National Park Service. Nice exhibit area and hiking trail where he actually lived. Day 53 (Thursday August 5) Visited...relaxed Day 54 (Friday August 6)

Day 55 (Saturday August 7) Left Pierce City mid morning for eldest son Stephen's in Moore, OK, just south of OK City. Arrived at Stephen's late afternoon. Day 56 (Sunday August 8) Day 57 (Monday August 9)

Day 58 (Tuesday August 10) Left Stephen and Cathy's in Moore, OK, about 9 a.m. when they left for work. Arrived at sister Joan Hall's in Roswell, NM, late afternoon. Day 59 (Wednesday August 11) Jim and I went out for coffee, where I met an old fella who was a prisoner of war in WWII. Wow. John Chisum was a 19th century cattle baron... 3rd Picture. After "breakfast" Jim took me on a little driving tour about Roswell. Also walked about the downtown area a bit where alien goodies are for sale everywhere. oooOOOOOOhh Left Roswell about 2 p.m. and headed southward toward home. Day 60 (Thursday August 12) Spent the night in an RV Park in Deming, NM. Hot enough to require AC all night. Day 61 (Friday August 13) Arrived at Paul and Le's in Arizona City mid afternoon, After a good meal and some pie and brownies (yep) I hit the sack early as I planned to leave for home in the AM before it gets too hot.

Day 62 (Saturday August 14) I gased up with the Border Patrol and left Arizona City after a breakfast at the "Boot" and arrived home, once again at 3:34 p.m. Yeaaaay. 62 days on the road is a long time.

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