Across the country to Key West and up to New Brunswick, Canada Summer 20010

A life in progress by
Rick Swallow


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There are many links included that you can click on to get more information on various subjects throughout this website. Day 1 (Sunday June 13) Gas is 2.899/gallon in Chula Vista.
On this day I started out on a rather epic RV journey--East from San Diego to Key West, Florida, North to New Brunswick, Canada, and the Bay of Fundi, West to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, then diagonally through the center of the country back to San Diego. All told a trip of 10,511.2 miles, using 837.2 gallons of gasoline at a total cost of $2220. The Ford 350 10 cylinder engine in my 2008 Pleasureway RV achived an average of 12.555 miles per gallon.
This is more a documentary for me, so when the memory starts to go, I can read about all the places I've been but don't remember!
I left Chula Vista and headed Eastward along Interstate 8 to Arizona City, AZ, where I laid over a day visiting with brother Paul. As I have been there many, many times, this is not part of my trip. What is important, however, is that Le, (Paul's better half) packed up a Mincemeat pie and a dozen or so brownies for me to take along on my trip. After 355.6 miles I arrived in AZ City, located about 50 miles due south of Phoenix at the eastern terminus of Interstate 8. More than I really want to travel in any one day. I am, after all, on vacation.
The picture is representative of the landscape for the first thousand miles across the south virtually to San Antonio, TX. This vast, emptiness for hundreds of miles across the land always makes me smile when I hear naive people speak about how little space we have left in this country.
Day 2 (Monday June 14) Gas in Yuma: 2.799, in AZ City, 2.599 A leisurely day in Arizona City; a ride on our Baja Bikes around the desert looking for strange markers placed throughout the area during the 50-60s. We've found some 92 of these concrete markers so far, each about 40 feet across and shaped like the symbol used to designate radioactivity (except with 4 "arms"). You can see most of them on Google Earth at various intersections south of Interstate 8 and surrounding Arizona City. They are spaced a mile apart and make a grid which I assume was once used to calibrate satellites. Gotta research that. The "Corona" project....

Day 3 (Tuesday June 15) Departed AZ City about 9 a.m. driving eastward along Interstate 10. 389 miles later I arrived at Mission RV Park in El Paso, TX. $17.47 for the night with full hookups--which is half price using Passport America card. Nice Park. WiFi
Yeah, driving across the south is hour upon hour, mile upon mile of, well, just as you see to the left.

Day 4 (Wednesday June 16) Gas in Ft. Stockton, TX, is 2.999/gal An un-precedented 5 a.m awakening. Travel excitement? hmmmm. My next stop, 323.2 miles later at Economy RV in Ozona, TX. $25. Definitely NOT economy. The owners spoke broken english (fresh from India, it would seem). The site was no more than a graded lot with Elect. and Water. An abandoned pad near the center of this large gravel patch looked like it once was a bathroom/shower site. Fortunately, as I am completely self contained, I require no hookups, but Electricity was nice to have so I didn't have to run my generator all night for the air conditioner. Oh, yeah, I guess I haven't mentioned that it's HOT. Scores a 1.

Day 5 (Thursday June 17) 218 miles today Stopped to experience Caverns of Sonora. Definitely one of the most beautiful cave systems I have ever been in. (Pictures above and left) Just 6 miles South of Interstate 10. Worth a revisit. I really like caves, but won't load up the site with pictures as every cave worth visiting has its own website with lots of pics and info I don't intend to replicate here.

Then on to "Top of the Hill RV Park" in Boerne, TX (Pronounced like the name "Bernie"). Excellent stay for $20.63 They had avery nice pool, billiards room, exercise Room, Kitchen, Spa, and more. A definite 10. WiFi Spent the afternoon touring the nearby Cave Without a Name just outside of Boerne. Worth a revisit.
Day 6 (Friday June 18) Gas is 2.569 in Beaumont, TX. Just 30 or so miles into San Antonio where I spent the better part of the morning visiting the Alamo. Unfortunately my camera chip had a glitch which I discovered once back home. The Alamo pictures were lost.
Then on to Beaumont, TX, and the Gulf Coast RV Resort. Another 10. PA card and $17.50. Had a bubble in my left rear tire so I had to wait around a few hours this morning for the Roadcare service to come change it. WiFi

Day 7 (Saturday June 19) Same Houston Jones State Park in LA, Exit 27, about 6 miles north of I10/Lake Charles, LA. Very pretty, right on the Houston River. $11.00. They accept Federal Golden Passport. Nice ameneties... clean, modern. Water & Elec. Definite 10 as parks go! Has High speed WiFi SAMWIRELESS! Day 8 (Sunday June 20) Gas is 2.479 here Tonight it's Martin Lake Resort, just north of Biloxi, MS. Nice Family resort with swimming lake, pool, Miniature Golf, and more. Click here to go on to Page 2.
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