Christmas in Oklahoma, 2001

Stephanie demonstrates her exuberance for the season.

Covorting at the crafts table where the class party snowman projects are coming together.

Crackers for breakfast.

Deja Vu.  Josh dreams of sugarplums.  There's something very familiar about this shot.

Jess maintains an aloof air at her desk as the party at school begins.

So when does our party get started?

Steph applies some Gluenail Polish, the latest 2nd grade makeup fashion.

Can I start now? Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I start now?

Josh tries to find an escape route.

The "How fast can you eat a baggie full of glue" contest.

Don't look!

Keeping warm by the fire with her boyfriend.

Zack helps Mom.

Stretch time
Steph still trying to dry her polish.

Oh, well, half a cookie is better than none.

Pucker up, Grandpa!

Now wasn't that nice?

I sure wish I could have some of that, but I'm on a diet.

The face of an Angel.

Zack tries unsuccessfully to snag an extra candy cane.

Josh adjusts his boxing gloves.

Cottonball race. Steph is off to a roaring start, ahead by nearly an inch.
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