Christmas 2001 Page 2
Every class has its blonde.
The whole crew awaits Santa. Oh, by the way, he didn't show up.
Josh enlists the aid of the antennae to help him mentally solve a math problem.  This is his serious math-problem-solving face.

Cathy sneaks in a return set of rabbit ears. (arrow)  She's so fast it's just a blur.

Chris tries to remember being a second grader.
At home, Josh tries on his thong and models it for us---displaying what he advised us was his best part....  Hmmmmmm  You be the judge.

I was puzzled as to the proper wearing of this particular piece of apparel so I emailed this photo to his basketball coach for some professional info.

This must be some new type of exercise. (?)

While Steve looks on this whole thong thing as a passing fad, Christina takes a hard look at her latest paramour ....


Hey, this picture should have been on page one.  What's goin' on?  Is this some kinda trick?

Steph examines her "Stephanie" bar.

Jess makes a grab for an escaping Hersey bar.

Some people line em up, some don't.

Santa left a great note for the girls.

Look, everybody! When I press here my head can spin all the way around.

Could this be another thong?

Jess demonstrates her musical prowess with a round of Deck the Halls and Racmaninov's Piano concerto #3.

Um, I think I've seen this before.

Another careful reading of Santa's letter just to be sure....

C'mon, let's get the results up on the screen. Who really won?

Gosh, I like you, Cameron.  Won't you be my cousin.     Hey,.....wait a minute.   You  are my cousin.  What am I saying?

These are the ones we want to return  We've simply got too many.

Britney (is that how it's spelled?) puts on her "surprised face" as Stephanie presents her with her present.

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