Christmas in Oklahoma, 2001, Part 3

Carson scours the carpet for lost M&Ms.John's turn on stage.

Mom, if you keep falling out of your seat we're gonna have to tie you in.

Donna helps Jackie get back in the plastic bag.

Jackie frets over Carson's premature bald spot while Jess attempts to open another candy.

Is this a footstool or what?

Jess spends a quiet moment contemplating which present to work on next.  So many presents, so little time.

They're called "tools," John.  Those are screwdrivers and I'm sure Derek will be able to show you how to use them.

Josh in his reverie thinking about his new thong and wondering if the color will match the coconut..... oh, that's another story.  Never mind.

Once again, Josh seeks a route of escape from the elves.

Ladonna listens intently to the family's party chatter.

Ever the Santa's helper, Josh keeps handing out those presents.

Dean examines the fleece lining of the new jacket to see if it's real while Curtis and Mike look on.

Stephanie tries to sell a sheet of lottery tickets to Grandpa Dean.  (Well, that's what it looks like to me, and I'm the only one at the keyboard.)



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